Let’s paint the town

Okey, not the town, but a pretty house in Seattle!

My husband and I are the best team! This project will go on for another couple of weeks, but later on, we are free! Inquire within 🤗😉


An American and a European blondie

Today we had another shiny weekday!

We are working so hard on the backyard; it’s going to be amazing!

The chicken, yes, that yellow one on the picture, is the favourite toy of Oso’s. It turned out, that I love playing with him.

If you had known me before (whoever is reading the post) you’d know, that I have never had a dog, or any pet. I didn’t really pet any ever, and now, miracle’s of miracle, I’m enjoying that beauty’s company so much! Next post will be on him!

Living the American dream

IMG_0839.jpgAlthough I’m not even a bit close to being a housewife- I’m living a life like one and I still don’t know whether I like it or not :/

I enjoy gardening and walking the dog. It is really mellow and refreshing comparing to my previous lifestyle. I am absolutely not complaining, on the contrary, actually, I guess, this is the way how I’m dealing with changes. It is neither better nor worse, but completely  different. I’m pretty sure, that people are going mad, when they can’t deal with sudden changes. (This is how I am dealing with it. I’m trying to write about it, more and more as the time passes.)

Oh, looky, looky- here is a picture of me in Wright Park, Tacoma! It’s been there since 1886- 2 giant lions guarding its entrance. If you ever get the chance, take a long walk over there and find the statue of an elderly and a youngster (“The Leaf”)

This is how excited I look on a Tuesday evening #sarcasm